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Important Update!

The driver finder tool has been recently

updated and the latest official version

is now ready for download.

The following new tool automatically finds the exact, reliable (original), and most updated drivers for your SW/HW devices.

Remember: Outdated or corrupted drivers mean one thing: PC Problems - slow performance, error messages and even Windows crashes. Many software and hardware manufacturers frequently update their drivers due to improvements, bug fixes, security issues and more.


Too many applications that are automatically launched when you startup your PC mean one thing – slow startup time and slow performance.

To speed up startup time and the overall performance, disable the auto-launch of unnecessary applications or applications you are no longer using.

Use the following tool’s Startup Management to disable or remove those items.




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  About the Driver Tool

How it Works

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Quick Installation
The following new drivers finder was designed not only to detect your exact, reliable, and most updated software or hardware device drivers, it actually optimizes your entire Windows' performance in just few minutes.

By scanning and auto-updating all your Windows, software and device drivers, this tool constantly verifies that all these components are fully optimized.

By using this new tool you no longer need to spend hours on frustrating Web searches while trying to find the correct drivers, and more importantly - you no longer need to take the risk of downloading drivers that might infect your PC with Viruses and Spyware!

Once you install and run the drivers finder it'll start scanning and 'learning' all your Windows, software, and hardware devices components.

It compares your missing/corrupted/outdated drivers with a huge database that contains hundreds of thousands of up-to-date and original drivers from virtually any manufacturer.

At this point it accurately and automatically updates (less than 2 minutes) and/or installs the latest original drivers for any of your software and hardware devices.

From now on it'll periodically and automatically check that all your drivers are kept up-to-date.

The drivers finder safely enables you to find the latest original drivers of the following devices and components:

Windows drivers, Printer, Sound cards, Video/Graphic cards, Webcam, Monitor, Memory Sticks, Motherboard, Digital Camera, USB, Mouse, Keyboard, and many other.

Installing and using the drivers finder is extremely easy - just download the installation file to your desktop (100% safe and secure!) and run the installer.

Once installation is completed successfully just open the drivers finder and let it detect the latest reliable drivers for all your PC's components.
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